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Pronunciation /dɪˈsʌɪdɪd/

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  • 1(of a quality) definite; unquestionable.

    ‘the sunshine is a decided improvement’
    • ‘Mid-way through her answer, her neatly measured affability gives way to a decided prickliness.’
    • ‘The unfolding credit market dislocation took a decided turn for the worst this week.’
    • ‘The density of the population figures by county shows a decided bias in favour of East Anglia.’
    • ‘What is clear is the art industry is making a decided shift into the online world.’
    • ‘Human growth hormone has some decided advantages and some very gross disadvantages.’
    • ‘In addressing his players, Johnstone reminded them of their decided advantage.’
    • ‘Koenig feels it is a decided advantage, and Barnhart agrees and also has them on his gun.’
    • ‘Ongerup have a decided advantage in the ruck with big Lance Hart.’
    • ‘He is better prepared this time and has the decided advantage of having five years of work behind him.’
    • ‘The new Mustang has disc brakes all round, a decided improvement on the original cars.’
    • ‘The tone of the choir was good and the attack clear, a decided improvement being noticeable by those who heard them give the same music five years ago.’
    • ‘Behind all of this lies Hollywood's decided lack of interest in art’
    • ‘He was a superb organizer and administrator and a man with a decided preference for West Point-trained officers.’
    • ‘There has been a decided shift in public opinion.’
    • ‘While there are some very decided similarities, there are some very distinct differences as well.’
    distinct, clear, clear-cut, marked, pronounced, obvious, striking, noticeable, unmistakable, patent, manifest, express, definite, certain, positive, absolute, emphatic, categorical, unambiguous, undeniable, unequivocal, indisputable, undisputed, unquestionable, assured, guaranteed
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    1. 1.1(of a person) having clear opinions; resolute.
      ‘you could never talk him round, he was very decided’
      • ‘My dad puts a comforting hand on my mother's shoulder and gets up; a decided look on his face.’
      • ‘In his views, he was very decided.’
      • ‘She's very decided on what she thinks, more than I am.’
      determined, resolute, firm, strong-minded, strong-willed, dogged, purposeful, forceful, emphatic, dead set, unhesitating, unwavering, unswerving, unfaltering, unyielding, unbending, inflexible, unmalleable, unshakeable, unrelenting, obdurate, obstinate, stubborn, intransigent
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    2. 1.2(of a legal case) having been resolved.
      ‘he quotes from decided cases’
      • ‘That is not an issue which in our researches we have been able to uncover any decided case where it has emerged.’
      • ‘No definite rule of guidance to be followed under all circumstances can be extracted from the decided cases.’
      • ‘There have been few decided cases on its application in the context of health care.’
      • ‘The decided cases since that date have clearly illustrated grounds upon which the items of account may be held to be contrary to law.’
      • ‘Chapter 16 is devoted to the review of decided cases related to medical negligence.’
      • ‘There is no decided case drawn to my attention where these obiter observations have in fact been applied to defeat a claim.’
      • ‘You can just get so much out of previously decided cases in procedural matters.’
      • ‘These are, however, unlikely scenarios and the decided cases do not provide an example of either.’
      • ‘These and related provisions have been the subject of consideration in many decided cases.’
      • ‘There was a further exchange between counsel and the judge relating to similar decided cases.’
      • ‘Before considering any of the decided cases, we must set out the relevant statutory code.’
      • ‘As Mr Burton pointed out, there has been no decided case on the exercise of this discretion.’
      • ‘The reasoning in the decided cases tells strongly against the claimant's case on article 5.’
      • ‘But, as the decided cases also make clear, the power of review is one to be sparingly exercised.’