Meaning of deciduously in English:



See deciduous

‘Best grown in bright conditions and it will tolerate a slight frost when it will behave deciduously.’
  • ‘As we pass Glenhead, we can think of writers such as McCormick and Cockett and savour the solitude offered by this deciduously wooded glade.’
  • ‘In the end, the climate defeated them and all, or most, of the trees behaved, and still behave, deciduously.’
  • ‘It is mostly evergreen, but during severe winters or in areas that suffer from frost, it will react deciduously, dying back and then recovering beautifully again in the spring.’
  • ‘In the southeast of the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau of China, sea buckthorn, which is a thorny nitrogen-fixing deciduously perennial shrub, has been widely used in forest restoration as the pioneer species.’