Meaning of deck shoe in English:

deck shoe



  • A flat canvas or leather shoe with rubber soles.

    ‘It houses 125 employees who make a range of shoes including a popular deck shoe.’
    • ‘My sister's boyfriend was sitting in the very back and wearing a cheap black suit with brown deck shoes.’
    • ‘He had a blue suit, a white tee shirt, and deck shoes.’
    • ‘In the UK, when speaking of footware, pumps are casual shoes, such as canvas deck shoes or tennis shoes.’
    • ‘For daytime use take shorts, shirts and a good pair of deck shoes with white soles.’
    • ‘Trust me, my creamy Armani jeans and deck shoes have just about lived to tell the tale.’
    • ‘Preferring Hawaiian shirt and deck shoes sans socks, Warren is as unpretentious as he is popular.’
    • ‘The only real surprise is that Phillip Michael Thomas doesn't show up in a blazer and deck shoes.’
    • ‘When fly fishing, wear either no shoes or slip-on type deck shoes.’
    • ‘Actually, I might give the remaining deck shoe to the person who can answer the question "why are Liverpudlians so whimsical?"’
    • ‘Bare-chested skippers in deck shoes were joined by bikini-clad sun worshippers, visitors, water skiers and local boat owners on board around 300 boats.’
    • ‘Those common chaps in their deck shoes, blue jeans and button-up City Beach shirts can look hot.’
    • ‘I ended up in Shuh but had to walk out because I came across the Vans deck shoes.’
    • ‘She even went back for her deck shoes, telling her husband she was not prepared to be seen in "sailing boots and shorts" when rescued.’
    • ‘We used to dance to this in our best 80's clobber - blue deck shoes, baggy three quarter lengths, striped grandad shirts and short suede jackets.’
    • ‘A typical acceptable outfit would be chinos, checky short-sleeve shirt and deck shoes.’
    • ‘David's standard uniform was a golf shirt, Sperry top-sider deck shoes, and Southwest Gas Co. hat with his ponytail trailing out the back.’
    • ‘A pair of deck shoes sat idly under the swing.’
    • ‘Mandrake fancies that Nat is more comfortable in deck shoes.’
    • ‘Six months on, with a bleached fringe and deck shoes, you'd never have known.’