Meaning of deckhead in English:


Pronunciation /ˈdɛkhɛd/


  • The underside of the deck of a ship.

    ‘The differences between the deck, deckhead and a bulkhead are well known to most of us but when you try to explain it to your Mum or Dad you may not be so easily understood.’
    • ‘The ropes running across the deckhead are the rudder lines - from the wheel to the rudder yoke.’
    • ‘There is an opening hatch in the deckhead of this head to provide light and ventilation.’
    • ‘The fit-out below is unparalleled - in polished Honduran mahogany with white deckheads and bronze light-fittings.’
    • ‘New deckheads and carpets were fitted throughout all accommodation and recreation areas.’
    • ‘Below is an image of the view across the main cabin, showing how the panels below the deckhead look after the job is done.’
    • ‘Past projects have included the assessment of ship's hatches, coamings, deckheads, sideshells and double bottoms.’
    • ‘Finally, the ship has low deckheads and cable racks throughout so we ask that all visitors watch their head as they move through the ship.’
    • ‘The Jiari is a comfortable vessel in which to travel, even if the layout may seem odd and the deckheads are extremely low in places.’
    • ‘Please indicate the specific provisions prohibiting the use of lime wash for the painting of the wall surfaces and deckheads in sleeping rooms and mess rooms.’
    • ‘When the stiffened side of a bulkhead or the deckhead is being insulated the area of each stiffener or beam should be obtained by multiplying its length by twice its depth.’
    • ‘Tank interiors including deckheads should be cleaned of all fuel and oil.’
    • ‘The gravity cooler is usually a grid of plain pipe covering the fishroom deckhead and sometimes extending down the sides and bulkheads.’
    • ‘These systems are mostly hidden in the bowels and deckheads of your yacht, but are essential to the yacht's ability to operate and to your comfort.’
    • ‘Has your boat got a decorative foam backed vinyl stuck on the deckheads and bulkheads, 2 part foam, or sprayed foam?’
    • ‘All this set within a framework of the most superb light mahogany, with white-painted deckheads giving a light yet classic ambience throughout.’
    • ‘The duct runs high in the cabin, around the edge of the deckhead, where the wiring is easily accessible but the white, flush-style duct still looks quite nice.’
    • ‘Quality is evident throughout, and is nowhere more obvious than in the fit and finish in cabinet work, on bulkheads, deckheads, closets, cupboards and in storage areas.’
    • ‘It was decided to clean, rust proof and paint the bilges, bulkheads and deckheads.’
    • ‘The decks are covered by carpet and aluminum panels cover the deckheads.’