Meaning of decking in English:


Pronunciation /ˈdɛkɪŋ/

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mass noun
  • 1The material of a ship's deck.

    ‘roof decking’
    • ‘It is claimed that some teak benches in public parks in England that are still in use today are made of recycled decking from old sailing ships and are nearly a century old.’
    • ‘TimberTech decking is a high-tech composite material made from recycled wood fiber and polymers.’
    • ‘Fixed to the wooden decking, the ship's wheel still stands upright.’
    • ‘Unlike wood, composite decking does not have to be coated with a protective finish.’
    • ‘The decking or ‘floor’ of these bridges are made either from steel plate, or from concrete reinforced steel rods.’
    • ‘Beams are of Douglas load-bearing fir, while the extra strength roof shingles and decking are of red Cedar.’
    • ‘The 5/4 or 2X material used for decking should be no greater than 6 inches in width due to a propensity to warp in wider boards.’
    • ‘These shallow-keeled open boats have no decking and no external ballast on the hull.’
    • ‘We found another such tank lying among the rubble of decking and girders.’
    • ‘Does any decking or framing need to be replaced?’
    • ‘The pattern of the 2-by - 6 decking of clear Western red cedar emphasizes the octagonal shape.’
    • ‘In order to keep weight down, the teak decking is quite thin and harsh abrasives and repeated pressure washing will eventually wear out the teak.’
    • ‘What do you do with a leaky old pool surrounded by unattractive concrete decking that takes up half the backyard?’
    • ‘Once redwood siding or decking has been cleaned and restored, it is time to apply a protective finish.’
    • ‘The upfront cost of plastic decking can be twice that of wood.’
    • ‘This place was fantastic, wooden decking, huge big sliding doors leading into the apartment in which there was a beautiful and enormous wooden bookshelf hugging the wall.’
    • ‘So far we've found decking and timber lined with leather which was a feature of the period and we've also uncovered canons.’
    • ‘Considering that the ship has been down almost 60 years, the wooden decking is in most places surprisingly intact, though it has rotted almost completely away in some areas.’
    • ‘From the raised wooden decking at the rear of the building, the view is spectacular.’
    • ‘The blaze burned into the decking of the 103-year-old pier prompting fears that its supporting structure may have been weakened.’
    1. 1.1The material of a timber platform or terrace attached to a house or other building.