Meaning of declarant in English:


Pronunciation /dɪˈklɛːr(ə)nt/


  • A person or party who makes a formal declaration.

    ‘As in the first instance above, I find this hearsay evidence to be necessary as the declarant is now deceased.’
    • ‘Given my conclusion that only the comments of the deceased declarants Belanger and Kane meet both the necessity and reliability criteria, it may be that their remarks have limited probative value, and could be taken out of context.’
    • ‘At the stage of hearsay admissibility the trial judge should not consider the declarant's general reputation for truthfulness, nor any prior or subsequent statements, consistent or not.’
    • ‘I am not to consider the declarant's general reputation for truthfulness, nor any prior or subsequent statements or the presence of any corroborating or conflicting evidence.’
    • ‘While that is hearsay evidence and not admissible to prove that the accident did occur at that time, it is admissible evidence relevant to the state of mind of the declarant.’
    • ‘Liang is the only scholar in the past 40 years to have written extensively on dying declarations, and he knows of no case in which medical experts were called to question a dying declarant's cognitive functioning.’
    • ‘I wholly accept that the doctrine admits the hearsay statements, not only where the declarant is dead or otherwise not available but when he is called as a witness.’
    • ‘If the court is satisfied that the alleged declarant had the requisite intention it will strive to validate it.’
    • ‘Microsoft had the right to depose the declarants that the DoJ had used, but did not choose to do so.’
    • ‘The last two questions are particularly significant with respect to children, as are others: Shall some child declarants be considered at too early a stage of development, either cognitively or morally, to be considered witnesses?’
    • ‘The bruises were evident to the witness as corroboration of the facts as told by the declarant.’


  • Making or having made a formal declaration.

    ‘the declarant state’
    • ‘Most Contracting States have made such a declaration, and all but one of declarant States have specified a one-year time limit.’


Late 17th century from French déclarant, present participle of déclarer, from Latin declarare ‘make quite clear’ (see declare).