Meaning of declinist in English:


Pronunciation /dɪˈklʌɪnɪst/


  • A person who believes that a particular country, society, or institution is in a state of significant and possibly irreversible decline.

    ‘the contents of his new book might induce declinists to reconsider their narrative of doom’
    • ‘The declinists of the late 1980s took aim at the spirit of national self-confidence.’
    • ‘Though the pessimism of the declinists was exaggerated they had pointed to real trends.’
    • ‘I disagree with declinists who simplistically portray our age.’
    • ‘I don't think of myself as a declinist, but the salience of the alliance we are leading is fading fast.’
    • ‘Recognizing these risks is not a matter of being a declinist.’
    • ‘He was a declinist who thought that capitalism's destructive energies would sweep away the heroic virtues that built it.’
    • ‘I have sometimes been marked down as a declinist, but this label misses the point.’
    • ‘I am an optimist, not a declinist.’
    • ‘Declinists also identify a loss in the power and influence over society that public intellectuals have.’


  • Characterized by or holding the belief that a country, society, or institution is in decline.

    ‘the declinist point of view’
    • ‘declinist authors’
    • ‘Despite dozens of cycles of declinist foreboding, the country has resolutely refused to decay.’
    • ‘The declinist debate does not shed much light on Japan's role internationally.’
    • ‘It is these declinist narratives that are responsible for stirring up skepticism.’
    • ‘The influence of the declinist argument was also apparent in the 1992 election campaign.’
    • ‘My use of declinist terminology notwithstanding, I do not necessarily share the pessimism.’
    • ‘The chapter acknowledges the compelling explanatory power of the declinist thesis.’
    • ‘This sentiment was easily dismissed as declinist.’
    • ‘Our present system of housing and caring for elders is declinist to the very marrow of its bones.’
    • ‘His political analysis was declinist: a great nation had fallen from its proper condition.’
    • ‘The administration does not need to be declinist to make more modest assessments of power.’