Meaning of declivitous in English:


Pronunciation /dɪˈklɪvɪtəs/

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See declivity

‘To get from the police post to the crater you descend the declivitous wall of the old volcano, with its layers of hardened lava at the top and scree at the bottom.’
  • ‘She had been climbing up the declivitous trail for hours and had lost her footing more than once, so the safety of a relatively flat expanse was welcome indeed.’
  • ‘Elevated mounds, with steep declivitous sides, are found in places, rising abruptly out of the midst of a plain, to considerable heights.’
  • ‘The landform along Neitung creek is also very complex and declivitous.’
  • ‘The 32-metre-high Margit Lookout located in the settlement provides a magnificent panorama of the declivitous landscape.’