Meaning of decollement in English:


Pronunciation /deɪˈkɒlmɔ̃/


mass noun
  • 1Geology
    A process in which some strata become partly detached from those underneath and slide over them, causing folding and deformation.

    ‘Analogue and numerical modelling together with field studies show that these two end-members of decollement result in different deformation styles.’
    • ‘Therefore we suggest that even though the sedimentary thickness variation may have played some role in differential propagation of the deformation front, the effect of the Hormuz salt decollement must have been more significant.’
    • ‘Therefore, we attribute the formation of arc shapes in the model to differential propagation of the deformation front above two different types of decollement.’
    • ‘Intense shearing, with development of metre-scale lenses and phacoidal and S-C fabrics in the Maniga unit, is interpreted to be decollement related.’
    1. 1.1count noun A boundary separating deformed strata from underlying strata which are not similarly deformed.
      ‘The sand cover deformed differently above the frictional and viscous decollements.’
      • ‘These deflection zones are transpressional and show a general trend parallel to the initial boundary between the viscous and frictional decollements.’
      • ‘The boundary between the viscous and frictional decollements in domain B was perpendicular to the shortening direction.’
      • ‘However, the presence of both types of decollements within the same tectonic region results in the formation of complex structures at the boundary between the two zones.’
      • ‘During shortening, the domains underlain by a frictional decollement were pinned at this facies boundary.’


Mid 19th century from French, from décoller ‘unstick’.