Meaning of deconditioned in English:


Pronunciation /diːk(ə)nˈdɪʃ(ə)nd/


  • Having lost fitness or muscle tone, especially through lack of exercise.

    ‘deconditioned muscles’
    • ‘These suggested effects, if proved, might confirm the importance of pulmonary rehabilitation programs including exercise training in these deconditioned COPD patients.’
    • ‘The challenge for the person with FMS is in the gradual approach to exercise. Doing too much, too soon can hurt deconditioned muscles.’
    • ‘The bottom line is that health clubs have not done a good job of bringing the deconditioned population into a fitness facility.’
    • ‘The average deconditioned person doesn't understand the basics of a fitness program, never mind understand or even appreciate the latest gadgetry exercise equipment has to offer.’
    • ‘Additionally, many deconditioned patients may not tolerate the metabolic demands of maximal exercise testing.’
    • ‘Neglect can manifest itself as mental stress, psychosomatic pain, excess body fat, deconditioned musculature, low back pain, joint pain, headaches, trigger points, nervousness, insomnia and a host of other ailments.’
    • ‘Resistive and strength testing have shown promise in patients with nearly all physical conditions and resulted in increased muscle strength even in elderly, deconditioned patients living in nursing homes.’
    • ‘Because skeletal muscles become deconditioned, the same state of deconditioning in respiratory muscles can be expected.’
    • ‘But if you're not active, you actually become more deconditioned and that makes symptoms worse.’
    • ‘Therefore, the performance of these exercises in individuals with overt or latent cardiovascular disease, as well as elderly and/or deconditioned individuals, may be unsafe without adequate physiologic monitoring.’
    • ‘Research has found that the cardiorespiratory system can improve with less than 20 to 30 minutes in the target heart rate zone, particularly with deconditioned individuals.’
    • ‘The patient is a 40 year-old, obese, and deconditioned female who was recently diagnosed with Type 11 diabetes mellitus.’
    • ‘However, the problem with calisthenics have been they require lifting almost your full body weight and are too difficult for the deconditioned clients to perform.’
    • ‘Having an effective cardio area or areas can be a major draw for the deconditioned baby boomers and other markets that are heeding the advice to get healthy through cardio workouts.’
    • ‘Travel involves physical activity and a gradual exercise program that starts several weeks before a trip may be recommended for deconditioned travelers.’
    • ‘Most post-rehab stroke clients are very deconditioned.’
    • ‘Sadly, she became deconditioned, put on weight, became progressively more inactive and remains painfully disabled years later.’
    • ‘Physical therapists are encountering more patients who are deconditioned due to the increased prevalence of a sedentary lifestyle.’
    • ‘A dampened response of heart rate acceleration and recovery reflected her deconditioned state.’
    • ‘Starting slowly is key, particularly for somebody who is deconditioned, has or had a chronic illness.’