Meaning of decongest in English:


Pronunciation /diːk(ə)nˈdʒɛst/


[with object]
  • Relieve the congestion of (something).

    ‘It will do nothing to reduce congestion or help business to undertake its work by decongesting our roads.’
    • ‘If the peripheral Ring Road decongests traffic on the outer Ring Road, then some signals may be removed.’
    • ‘The bypass will be ready within the next six months and go a long way towards decongesting rail traffic in the Yeshwantpur railway station, which is fast emerging as the second terminal of Bangalore.’
    • ‘A dual carriage-way would help in decongesting the road.’
    • ‘This, the planners believe, will go a long way in decongesting the ORR and other roads thereby reducing the accident rate.’
    • ‘Come May and a massive roadwork project will start, aimed at decongesting the much-strained roads in the city.’
    • ‘That will help cities too by decongesting them and removing the slums.’
    • ‘Country Life magazine has already voted him into its Power 100 for his outspoken determination to boost rail over lorry haulage and decongest British roads, tagging him a ‘railway visionary’.’
    • ‘The authorities can consider several other solutions to decongest traffic in this zone.’
    • ‘‘Introducing one-way systems is a short-term plan to decongest the traffic, but in the long run, we have to widen the roads and build flyovers,’ he said.’
    • ‘The Karnataka Road Development Corporation Limited had proposed all these projects to decongest traffic in a comprehensive way.’
    • ‘The primary thrust of the Ateneo Shuttle Services is to help decongest traffic along the Katipunan stretch by encouraging the use of mass transportation.’
    • ‘No other solution can really decongest the roads.’
    • ‘The short-term measures to decongest roads have failed, as the growth rate is several times higher than the road capacity expansion.’
    • ‘An advisory body can suggest legal instruments to decongest the city and ensure that water bodies are well maintained’
    • ‘Second we should begin to decongest the markets by relocating.’
    • ‘For now everyone should support measures to decongest the streets.’
    • ‘That's true, but if it was planned to decongest the city then why does it still take more than one hour to reach Navi Mumbai by train?’
    • ‘There is need to erect open air prisons to decongest the current ones.’
    • ‘The then Government constructed few bridges and causeways to decongest the traffic in the city.’