Meaning of deconstructive in English:



See deconstruct

‘Spivak is often viewed as an unequivocally deconstructive theorist, and she frequently reinforces this impression by proclaiming her allegiance to Derrida's ideas.’
  • ‘Derrida's distrust of metaphysics harmonizes well with this political humanism, and indeed his critique of rationality in the early deconstructive texts follows this logic to its conclusion.’
  • ‘The galleries devoted to the white monochromes of Robert Ryman allow us to see, as in a private laboratory made public, his deconstructive exploration of Modernist abstraction in process.’
  • ‘The subversive element inherent in the deconstructive enterprise is another reason that it has exercised such a mesmerizing spell on intellectuals.’
  • ‘This deconstructive agenda fits well with the play's stylized feel and the production's retro design ethos.’