Meaning of Decoration Day in English:

Decoration Day

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another term for Memorial Day
‘Martin Milmore's Roxbury Soldiers' Monument, also called the Citizen Soldier, was dedicated on the first Decoration Day in 1868.’
  • ‘The first Decoration Day took place on May 30, 1868 at Arlington national cemetery under the order of General John Logan, national commander of the Grand Army of the Republic.’
  • ‘Decoration Day was the original name for the holiday now known as Memorial Day.’
  • ‘Memorial Day was originally known as Decoration Day because it was a time set aside to honor the nation's Civil War dead by decorating their graves.’
  • ‘Originally called Decoration Day, Memorial Day is a day of remembrance for those who have died in service to our country.’
  • ‘In addition, Parnellites often used Decoration Day as an additional occasion, apart from ‘Ivy Day,’ on which to decorate Parnell's grave and to celebrate his memory.’
  • ‘Today, if 1.8 percent of the population were killed in war, there would be 5.4 million graves to decorate on Decoration Day.’
  • ‘On May 5, 1868, he issued General Order 11 to Grand Army posts and Memorial Day, then known as Decoration Day (for it was a day to decorate the graves of the war's fallen) took root.’
  • ‘In both North and South during the late 1860s, cemeteries became the focal point of a new holiday - Memorial Day, often known as Decoration Day.’
  • ‘What is the musical connection between George Washington's birthday, Decoration Day, the Fourth of July, Thanksgiving and Forefathers' Day?’