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Pronunciation /ˈdɛk(ə)rətɪv/

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  • 1Serving to make something look more attractive; ornamental.

    ‘a well-appointed house with original decorative features’
    • ‘Second, their masses of small white, bell like blossoms are as decorative as any purely ornamental shrub.’
    • ‘The company has a service center for applying studs, stones and decorative ornamentation in Mexico.’
    • ‘Pour dip into a decorative serving bowl and place on serving platter.’
    • ‘The furniture all contributes to this as well, with its trim lines and lack of heavy decorative ornament.’
    • ‘It is incorrect, however, to use the phrase to indicate the purely decorative or ornamental qualities of a painting.’
    • ‘Even today, the huge stones from 19th century are still sought as decorative garden ornaments.’
    • ‘Infinity pools (where the edges overflow with water) blur the boundary between swimming pool and decorative water feature.’
    • ‘A significant feature is that decorative timberwork hides the simple beam construction and the use of steel for the beams.’
    • ‘The decorative glass panels feature figures such as St Gregory, St Jeronimus, an unknown Bishop and an unidentified Saint.’
    • ‘A small 1970s television sits in one corner - seemingly more of a decorative feature than anything else.’
    • ‘It will feature decorative landscapes and cuisine from a variety of Southeast Asian countries.’
    • ‘There are two bedrooms, the largest of which features high ceilings and decorative coving, while the bathroom has a wooden floor.’
    • ‘It is painted in yellow and period features include decorative coving, a centre rose and a cast-iron fireplace.’
    • ‘The well maintained communal gardens that surround this scheme include a number of water and decorative features.’
    • ‘Occasionally it was used as a decorative feature on American furniture with solid drawer fronts.’
    • ‘Buttons ceased to be purely decorative and began to feature regimental designs.’
    • ‘It is decorative as well as fruitful and will make an attractive feature on any patio.’
    • ‘The same is true of Lewis's imagery, It is decorative, pleasing and attractive.’
    • ‘The ornaments in this work are not simply decorative, but generative.’
    • ‘And because fruit trees and bushes can be beautiful and decorative, you don't have to set aside part of your garden as a growing area.’
    ornamental, adorning, embellishing, garnishing, beautifying, prettifying, enhancing, non-functional
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    1. 1.1Relating to decoration.
      ‘a decorative artist’
      • ‘He sat me down and produced a packet of colour transparencies of the work of someone I had never heard of, a decorative artist named Felix Kelly.’
      • ‘Today, she works full-time as a decorative artist and has recently moved to Tadcaster, where she runs her business.’
      • ‘By then he had been taught the elements of design by his father, a jobbing decorative artist.’
      • ‘After training as a decorative artist he worked successfully at Drury Lane, London, as a scene painter.’
      • ‘Artist Chris Topp has helped fix the decorative cross he created to the front of Archbishop Holgate's School in York.’
      • ‘Works by relatively unknown artists should be collected now for their decorative value only.’
      • ‘Angelopoulos and Drew were both easel and mural artists who were familiar with different kinds of decorative finishes.’
      • ‘Olenin was especially interested in the drawings as models for artists, and they were soon to bear decorative fruit.’
      • ‘There is too much of everything, as the artist further patterns the paintings with decorative details.’
      • ‘One Irish artist reaping the benefits of our rekindled love affair with decorative excess is Clodagh Hendy.’
      • ‘Sandstone is now extracted in limited quantities for decorative and artistic purposes rather than for construction.’
      • ‘Born in Glasgow, Cottier was the pioneer of Scotland's original tradition of artistic and decorative interiors.’
      • ‘Individuals and small artistic teams are rapidly coming up with new decorative finishes.’
    2. 1.2 informal Attractive (typically used of a woman)
      • ‘she was an extremely decorative and popular actress’
      • ‘Surely such heights have not been scaled since a newsmagazine profiled his rather decorative wife, Melanie.’
      • ‘The poses, even pouts, align them with the traditional imperative placed on women: be decorative.’
      • ‘Gangster style makes men look dangerous; moll style makes women look decorative.’
      • ‘The women, still extremely decorative in their casual clothes, are here to watch, not to play.’
      attractive, pretty, handsome, good-looking, nice-looking, pleasing, alluring, prepossessing, as pretty as a picture
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