Meaning of decoratively in English:


Pronunciation /ˈdɛk(ə)rətɪvli/


See decorative

‘It's Spain's version of St Tropez, with its multi-million-pound yachts waiting patiently and decoratively at their moorings for their owners to resume the floating party.’
  • ‘Strawberries can also be grown decoratively in flower beds either singly or in groups - Vivarosa, with its mixture of pink and red flowers, is especially unusual and attractive.’
  • ‘There was no suppressing the smile that spread across my face as I sat and sucked on a pungent orange with its skin teased off decoratively by a sharp knife and an artistic hand.’
  • ‘‘Nowadays, all these ritualistic objects are used only decoratively,’ Olsen added.’
  • ‘Dr T's Texan world is one of extremes - all the men are hunting and shooting outdoors types; all the women decoratively flouncy.’