Meaning of decorativeness in English:



See decorative

‘Such decorativeness was eschewed by 20th century modernism as ‘functionless’ and the term ‘decoration’ grew to have immensely derogatory connotations.’
  • ‘It also established a repertoire of imagery to draw on that contributed to a composition's decorativeness, an attribute that was increasingly important to painters and designers alike.’
  • ‘Perhaps these works are closer to some of Eva Hesse's devouring tangles, yet Banerjee differs from Hesse in the heat and decorativeness of her works, which was clearest in a few works on paper or canvas.’
  • ‘Some members of the architectural community criticized the project for unwarranted decorativeness and for the fact that it was not chosen on a competitive basis.’
  • ‘Even at their most violent, however, the Fauves always retained harmony of design and a certain decorativeness of colour, but in Germany restraint was thrown to the winds.’