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Pronunciation /ˈdɛkəreɪtə/

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  • 1A person who decorates something.

    ‘It boasts a decent-sized stage and nearly 400 seats, and employs a set builder, decorators and a technical director.’
    • ‘Many gallery owners, architects, decorators and artists are finding a lucrative niche filling the space on stark white office walls.’
    • ‘She had been associated with Deck since the 1850s, and it seems likely that he employed her as a decorator.’
    • ‘He is assisted by a set decorator, who actually builds the props.’
    • ‘The royal ambience inside has been created by famous cloth decorators from Kolkata.’
    • ‘Instead of spending a million dollars on an architect, decorator, contractor and construction crew, Cicale hired an artist.’
    • ‘Even for professional decorators, many projects involve improving rooms that are challenging, by being too dark, too small, or by having oddly-slanted ceilings.’
    • ‘Luckily, the internet puts the accumulated knowledge of thousands of decorators, artists, and art experts at your disposal.’
    • ‘Berry didn't take classes, but worked as an apprentice under two decorators.’
    • ‘She described many of her interior-decorating clients as ‘reluctant to make decisions,’ thereby turning to a decorator for assistance.’
    • ‘Tiles allow the decorator to be creative and experiment with different tones, dramatically livening up the kitchen space in a simple, inexpensive way.’
    • ‘The professional decorator has already dug up the best sources for everything from upholstery services to marble pedestals.’
    • ‘We are on a tight budget and I cannot afford a professional decorator to come to the home.’
    • ‘We work cheaper than any contractor, and have better taste than most decorators, so I really don't see how the plan can fail.’
    • ‘The spin-off effect is that electricians and decorators find themselves busy for most part of the year, erecting stages, with the desired lighting effect and background impact.’
    • ‘He is assisted by a set decorator, who actually builds the props.’
    • ‘Home decorators make up 28 percent of the market.’
    • ‘He'd probably hired a decorator; the apartment just had that feeling.’
    • ‘Dave had hired decorators to get the place up to scratch and it was beautiful.’
    • ‘The work was done by both professional fancy painters and amateur home decorators.’
    1. 1.1mainly British A person whose job is to decorate the interior of buildings by painting the walls and hanging wallpaper.
      ‘she became a painter and decorator’
      • ‘The police had been informed, together with the building contractor and the decorator, who came to view the damage we had caused.’
      • ‘There was a time when a decorator painted walls in small rooms white as a matter of course, believing that white would make a room appear larger.’
      • ‘Our builder tells us that it is all right to paper the newly plastered walls, but our decorator says that he is a traditionalist and would prefer to wait some time for possible cracking, due to drying after the heating is switched on.’
      • ‘The images were discovered by decorators stripping paper in the Corner House pub in Burton Stone Lane, Clifton.’
      • ‘Police believe jealousy may have been the motive behind the killing of a building decorator, shot dead by unknown assailants in his home.’
      • ‘We have painters and decorators, a mechanic, guys with IT and administration skills, manual workers.’
      • ‘Volunteers became painters and decorators to mark the re-launch of a community action group.’
      • ‘Dave is set to meet with a television company, which he will not name, to discuss his script, based on a group of painters and decorators.’
      • ‘The ground floor of the building had to be stripped, including carpets and wallpaper, before industrial cleaners and decorators could move in.’
      • ‘Indeed, one new report says that we will have to import painters and decorators from abroad by 2020 if trends continue.’
      • ‘We need jobs for local plumbers and painters and decorators.’
      • ‘Regular maintenance work has been bought forward and the painters and decorators called in at venues the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh will be visiting.’
      • ‘Police are now on the verge of allowing painters, plumbers, decorators and joiners into the house to begin clearing up and repairing fittings damaged during the extensive examination of the house.’
      • ‘I've been feeling exhausted and after spending 3 days in relentless pursuit of just the perfect wallpaper I find myself without a decorator for the kitchen.’
      • ‘He noted that the permanent workforce at Coalbrookdale included artists, modellers, carvers, pattern-makers, moulders, finishers, painters, gilders and decorators.’
      • ‘New Zealanders involved in some manner with the first home buyer market include painter decorators, plumbers and people trying to sell their homes.’
      • ‘Both Oliver's grandfather and father were painters and decorators.’
      • ‘He was a trained painter and decorator with a steady job and a loving family.’
      • ‘Frisby, of Regents Place, works with his father as a self employed painter and decorator.’
      • ‘A decorator working alone in a house went out to buy wallpaper and left the front door unlocked.’
    2. 1.2mainly North American A person whose job is to design the interior of houses by choosing colours, carpets, and furnishings.
      ‘For this year's program, House Beautiful selected six decorators, who will be featured within the pages of the magazine.’
      • ‘We're going to examine another facet of the relationships between interior designers and decorators and the clients who ask us to help them make their homes and offices both functional and beautiful.’
      • ‘The work is purchased by interior designers, decorators, collectors and galleries nationwide, from California to Florida.’
      • ‘The paint experts at Pratt & Lambert frequently field questions from home decorators and interior designers.’
      • ‘It's worth finding a decorator whose decor and furnishings will be chic yet neutral, without looking bland.’
      • ‘The annual event - a hot item on the décor calendar and one that puts leading interior designers and decorators on display - runs from 27 to 30 May.’
      • ‘San Simeon is the considered and highly personal creation of Hearst and Morgan, who employed no decorators, and together determined every aspect of the design.’
      • ‘The two then moved to Atlanta, and the company shifted into the wholesale business and began ‘specializing in working with decorators and designers for the most part,’ explained Harris.’
      • ‘In 1896 Oscar Spindler, a German decorator and designer, was hired by the firm to create new designs for the molds.’
      • ‘‘You should be very careful when choosing colours,’ says decorator Barry Healy.’
      • ‘The verdant countryside of Maine seems to have touched the imagination of many decorators, for green is incorporated into the designs on a significant number of surviving pieces.’
      • ‘In the last installment, we took up the question of how a designer or decorator can best present a budget to a new client.’
      • ‘Mary Frances, also a student of Dow, provided artistic guidance as a designer and decorator.’
      • ‘One of the perks of being an interior decorator in Manhattan: the paycheck.’
      • ‘Let's challenge some interior decorators to revamp one of Kerry's five mansions.’
      • ‘It is a particularly generous gesture, because the interior of the Delano is the work of a rival decorator, the celebrated Philippe Starck.’
      • ‘The ideas date back at least 3,000 years, yet a growing number of architects and decorators are integrating feng shui ideas with contemporary building design.’
      • ‘He will look at why interiors took particular forms, what influenced builders and decorators and how they achieved the effects they wanted.’