Meaning of Decretum in English:


Pronunciation /dɪˈkriːtəm/

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  • A collection of decisions and judgements in canon law.

    ‘In the Decretum he states plainly, ‘Where they each do not consent, there is no marriage.' ‘.’
    • ‘It will give us the means to speak with some assurance (that is, with evidence, rather than hypothesis) about the shape of the Decretum, its sources, and its earliest development in the schools.’
    • ‘Jean Porter has been carefully reading the medieval writers from the time of Gratian's Decretum to the later part of the thirteenth century and finds a broader base for natural law than simply reason.’
    • ‘Church or canon law was increasingly codified and given universal validity, a process that culminated in Gratian's great ‘concord of discordant canons’, or Decretum.’


Latin, literally ‘something decreed’.