Meaning of decubitus ulcer in English:

decubitus ulcer


technical term for bedsore
‘Sepsis was present in 2 cases; in one of these cases, the decubitus ulcer was considered a possible source of infection.’
  • ‘Long term, you can develop a bed sore or decubitus ulcer.’
  • ‘Or another example, it turns out that we have about 3400 new bedsores a year, decubitus ulcers.’
  • ‘These undesirable outcomes include falls, medication errors, decubitus ulcers, infection rates, patient and family member complaints, and deaths.’
  • ‘In the intervening years, she has required treatment for osteomyelitis, severe decubitus ulcers, and recurrent urinary tract infections.’
  • ‘Thus, it is not possible to draw conclusions about sepsis resulting from infected grade IV decubitus ulcers.’
  • ‘She was admitted to intensive care, where she was treated for septic shock secondary to decubitus ulcers and for acute renal failure.’
  • ‘In elderly patients, failure to thrive is associated with increased infection rates, diminished cell-mediated immunity, hip fractures, decubitus ulcers, and increased surgical mortality rates.’
  • ‘However, one retrospective study observed that the incidence of decubitus ulcers was not statistically different between those patients with and without feeding tubes.’
  • ‘Charcot's earlier studies had focused on a variety of topics such as gout, rheumatism, goiter, claudication, decubitus ulcers, pulmonary disease, and diseases of the aged.’
  • ‘The patient does not respond to stimuli, has already developed large decubitus ulcers, and requires regular suctioning and turning.’