Meaning of dedicatedly in English:



See dedicated

‘Nick Land was the key figure here, in that it was he who was able to hold, for a while, a position ‘within’ a university philosophy department whilst dedicatedly opening up connections to the outside.’
  • ‘But that doesn't stop photographer James dedicatedly doing his job as he crouches on the runway to capture the touchdown for prosperity.’
  • ‘The last time I remember ever having dedicatedly listened to radio was almost fourteen years ago.’
  • ‘The final survey results should be quite interesting, but I suspect that the personal will ultimately push its way into even the most dedicatedly professional blogs over the long haul.’
  • ‘YWCA and the Rotary Clubs of Pattaya and Jomtien-Pattaya are amongst the charitable organizations that have been dedicatedly helping the city.’