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‘Among them was a posthumous portrait statue of Nobunaga, which bears a dedicatory inscription dated 1583.’
  • ‘I remember Martin loaning me a copy of The White Goddess, that first edition with the version of the dedicatory poem which I really liked extraordinarily.’
  • ‘She also wished the table to include both her husband's coat of arms (he has a great interest in heraldry) and a dedicatory inscription to him that would mention their three children.’
  • ‘It should be clear by now that the ambiguity of form and complexity of content in Seven Pillars are both foreshadowed in its dedicatory poem.’
  • ‘It opens with a series of dedicatory poems addressed to aristocratic women, representing them as a mutually supportive female community.’



/ˈdɛdɪkətri/ /ˌdɛdɪˈkeɪtəri/