Meaning of deductible in English:


Pronunciation /dɪˈdʌktɪb(ə)l/

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  • Able to be deducted, especially from taxable income or tax to be paid.

    ‘childcare vouchers will be deductible expenses for employers’
    • ‘Taxable amounts increase taxable income in the future while deductible amounts will decrease taxable income in the future.’
    • ‘Finally, do not forget the taxman, as tax is due at your highest rate on all rental income less the following deductible expenses.’
    • ‘The interest you pay on your mortgage will be allowed as a deductible expense against rental income.’
    • ‘An employer may instead choose to treat the amount as regular deductible business expenses.’
    • ‘If you buy a house, keep track of deductible mortgage expenses and your mortgage interest.’
    • ‘This interest relief from 1st January, 2002, is a deductible expense against rental income on residential properties.’
    • ‘Generally, under this method, 15 percent of the taxpayer's gross income from an oil or gas producing property is deductible each tax year.’
    • ‘Whether you're looking for a job or moving to start a new one, keep careful records of all your potentially deductible expenses, Roth says.’
    • ‘But the companies get a deduction, because the gains count as employee compensation, a deductible expense.’
    • ‘Fortunately, mileage is a deductible business expense, so you can recoup some costs when you file your tax returns.’
    • ‘Most recently, major employers have advocated for a repeal of the limits on deductible employer contributions to pension plans.’
    • ‘There are two methods for determining deductible automobile tax expenses.’
    • ‘Your own salary would constitute a deductible expense in determining any profit figure.’
    • ‘He carries a $100,000 deductible policy on condo projects, which represent a quarter of his work.’
    • ‘It limited knowledge to empirical, demonstrable, or rationally deductible information.’
    • ‘A plan may set higher co-payments and deductible levels for mental health care.’
    • ‘She said the measure was aimed at making local wheat production more competitive by allowing millers to claim back any VAT incurred on their deductible purchases.’
    • ‘Article 19 makes provision for the calculation of the deductible proportion.’
    • ‘If a break was taken and the precise length of the break was not ascertained, it would be assumed that the deductible period was 30 minutes unless evidence to the contrary was available.’
    • ‘The yearly deductible charge (the amount the enrollee must pay before the plan starts to pay for any medicines) varies up to $250.’


North American
  • The part of an insurance claim to be paid by the insured; an excess.

    ‘Insurance companies, for instance, are talking about premium credits, lower deductibles and rebates for steps such as commissioning of buildings.’
    • ‘In many cases, business owners believe they'll never have a claim large enough to justify the expense of insurance policy premiums and deductibles.’
    • ‘The CEO who asks for a special medical fund to finance the insurance deductibles in his or her health benefit package.’
    • ‘Many individual policies offer low premiums but high deductibles - up to $5,000 in some cases.’
    • ‘As well as hiking premiums, insurers have been cutting back on coverage and encouraging policyholders to raise their deductibles, which limits claims.’
    • ‘His health savings account requires insurance plans with high deductibles, which undermines the goal of preventive care.’
    • ‘These are tax-sheltered accounts tied to insurance with very high deductibles.’
    • ‘Along with the higher prices is the insurers' requirement that corporate buyers retain more risk on their balance sheets, with deductibles in many lines now double what they were in 2000.’
    • ‘People at low risk will be more willing to be self-employed and buy their own medical insurance with more limited plans with higher deductibles and lower premiums.’
    • ‘The real test is to compare how much you would likely spend without coverage vs. what the premiums, deductibles, co-pays, and uncovered treatments together would cost you.’
    • ‘This program allows participants to ear mark hands for the cost of insurance premiums, deductibles and non-covered medical, dental and vision care expenses.’
    • ‘While young and healthy workers can obtain catastrophic insurance relatively cheaply, many are still hard-pressed to pay the premiums and deductibles.’
    • ‘Then there's larger premiums, deductibles, and co-pays in your company health plan, as well as the need to pile ever more into retirement savings.’
    • ‘Many are boosting premiums, co-payments and deductibles.’
    • ‘In addition, many companies are asking workers to shoulder higher deductibles and payments for doctor visits.’
    • ‘As a result, hospitals say they're having a harder time getting the insured to cover their deductibles.’
    • ‘But when we looked into the savings we'd get, we realized that the higher deductibles would allow us to reduce our health insurance costs even if we reimbursed our employees for whatever extra they had to pay.’
    • ‘Non-group insurance is expensive: premiums and deductibles are higher and overall plan benefits are less generous than for group plans.’
    • ‘In order to increase the deductibles on their auto and homeowner insurance policies, Laylock suggests that the couple increase them to $1,000.’
    • ‘New homeowner policies cover so little, and deductibles are so high, that fewer claims are approved.’