Meaning of deduplicate in English:


Pronunciation /diːˈdjuːplɪkeɪt/


[with object]
  • Eliminate duplicate or redundant information from (something, especially computer data)

    ‘they can deduplicate files uploaded by many different users to keep costs lower than otherwise possible’
    • ‘The appliances automatically deduplicate content, which reduces total storage required by a large margin.’
    • ‘He recommends focusing policies on information and people, not technologies or platforms, embracing platform agnostic tools, and deduplicating cloud data.’
    • ‘When app servers run a backup, the data is typically deduplicated and compressed.’
    • ‘Jobs that take us 30 seconds would have taken weeks before, and it has enabled us to deduplicate some processes.’
    • ‘Remote office data can be deduplicated and replicated centrally as well as backed up locally without additional branch office hardware.’
    • ‘The system needs to deduplicate data blocks.’
    • ‘We can back up our entire infrastructure, deduplicate, compress and encrypt and also mirror over to our other site for off-site disaster recovery.’
    • ‘Of the organisations surveyed, 50 % say that "little or none of their data is deduplicated".’
    • ‘Facebook will deduplicate users who like two pages by assigning them to the most recent page they have liked.’
    • ‘Choose a deduplication solution that can deduplicate at the byte level without impeding backup performance.’