Meaning of deed box in English:

deed box


  • A strongbox for keeping deeds and other documents.

    • ‘It will have been put away in the deed box not to surface again until the testator either wishes to vary it or dies.’
    • ‘In addition, there is a ‘metal deed box’ at Durham Cathedral library that contains ‘some four thousand items, mainly incoming letters’ that are uncatalogued,’
    • ‘I was asked to visit their house because they had a few papers, to find two 18th century deed boxes both quite literally crammed full with 18th and 19th century documents.’
    • ‘Some cash and deed boxes were decorated, often with dragons, etc. and some were monogrammed to order.’
    • ‘The earliest papers seem to have been multi-purpose as they have been found lining deed boxes and harpsichords as well as decorating walls.’