Meaning of deed poll in English:

deed poll


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English Law
  • A legal deed made and executed by one party only, especially to formalize a change of a person's name.

    ‘he changed his name by deed poll’
    • ‘Literally, if a new series doesn't inspire at least 50 people to change their name by deed poll to that of one of the show's characters, it's deemed an irrevocable failure.’
    • ‘For a reasonable fee, a solicitor will arrange a simple name change by deed poll.’
    • ‘Inebriated, both of them decided to change their names by deed poll for a bet.’
    • ‘As we mentioned above, it was at this time that he changed his name by deed poll from Neumann to Newman.’
    • ‘Paul's answer is to change his first name via deed poll for the princely sum of just a tad under thirty quid.’


Late 16th century so named because the parchment was ‘polled’ or cut cleanly, not indented at the edges as in the case of a deed made by two parties.