Meaning of deejay in English:


Pronunciation /diːˈdʒeɪ/ /ˈdiːdʒeɪ/

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  • A disc jockey.

    ‘Champps has its deejays make in-house announcements.’
    • ‘Those film-makers don't need composers; they need deejays.’
    • ‘The dance floor had three columns evenly spaced around the deejay for individual dancers to show their stuff.’
    • ‘Working as a deejay was different from being just a news reporter.’
    • ‘Festival-goers can look forward to more than 70 artists, deejays, outdoor activities, beer gardens, restaurants, flea markets and a variety of sports.’
    • ‘Similar strategies were employed in Birmingham, with council members applying varying degrees of pressure upon merchants, radio deejays, and concert promoters.’
    • ‘The song switched off of the radio, and the deejay's voice replaced it.’
    • ‘I was a radio deejay for a time, so I have a strong aversion to anybody tampering with my visions of a real artist.’
    • ‘Having had her big break as a radio deejay and model, it's not surprising that she would take the progression to television.’
    • ‘He became a radio deejay for awhile then ran a pawnshop with his brother.’
    • ‘Many of Montreal's best singers, deejays and singjays appear on what seems to be as much a snapshot of some of this city's best live reggae as it is an album.’
    • ‘The festivities will include performances by some of the nominated artists and will be hosted by Dean Blundell and Danger, the morning radio deejays on New Rock Edge 102 in Toronto.’
    • ‘The crowd's reception was wild and the deejays were professional,’ he recalls.’
    • ‘Samples to station deejays are expected to create even more buzz.’
    • ‘It was sort of a ridiculous pipe dream to think that at 12 years old we could start a business working as deejays.’
    • ‘The deejays loved her because she hit the road and came to see them and they all fell in love with her.’
    • ‘A local deejay is attempting to lighten the mood after the arrival of a deadly virus in the African country in early May.’
    • ‘For economic reasons, most youths are not able to reproduce their musical output for further distribution, and the most common action is to give a copy to a deejay sympathetic to local musical talent for him or her to play on the air.’
    • ‘After he was elected student-body president, school officials ousted him from the president's post because they didn't want a deejay representing the school.’
    • ‘Even with classics backing him up, the star here is Batta, an excitable deejay who effortlessly deflates all the pressure of the dub and turns the record into an almost joyous celebration.’


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  • Perform as a disc jockey.

    ‘I met Tom whilst I was deejaying in a club in Taunton, in Somerset.’
    • ‘On Wednesday March 23rd, i'll be guest deejaying at one of my favorite nyc places, HIRO (at The Maritime Hotel) for the new weekly party Any Suggestions?’
    • ‘If you're going to see The Futureheads tonight at Webster Hall, come by Black and White afterwards where i'll be deejaying at the official afterparty!’
    • ‘Hip hop has its roots in New York City and contains the elements of rapping, deejaying, breakdancing, and graffiti art.’
    • ‘If you're around this Friday come to fat baby where i'll be deejaying with DJ Data from 11 to 3am or so.’
    • ‘Next Friday, that would be September 2nd, I'll be guest deejaying in Paris!’
    • ‘Saturday night, i'll be guest deejaying at Scenic for The Deli's Alphabet City party.’
    • ‘Oh, Lucy's brother Rob will be deejaying at St Jerome's tonight.’
    • ‘He has no concrete plans regarding his future career development, but is sure that he will continue deejaying for no more than five years.’
    • ‘When he began deejaying in the early 70s, the requisite tools weren't even available.’
    • ‘The one who is on air has just started deejaying and had expressed interest in singing.’
    • ‘Collins deejayed at his primary school leaving do.’
    • ‘She also showed off her fancy footwork on the dance floor to the music of rapper Biz Markie, who deejayed at the party.’
    • ‘With his solo project becoming more and more prominent, Hebden found himself very much in demand and embarked on a punishing schedule of live appearances at festivals and venues all over the world, while also regularly deejaying.’
    • ‘In fact, this mini-album seems to entirely results of an enthusiastic outburst of energy, nurtured while the man was regularly deejaying at squatters parties during the nineties.’
    • ‘The funny thing about deejaying over here is that this is the first time New Order fans have had a chance to talk to a New Order member face to face for years and it's been really nice.’
    • ‘It wasn't long before he started deejaying around town, progressively gaining recognition for his particular blend of jazz ambiences and hip-hop beats.’
    • ‘Falling in love with bhangra when she first heard the music, she started deejaying in the '90s in New York with her male cousins.’
    • ‘The whole event was deejayed by a digitised voice and a silent, live Jessie statue clad in gold from head to toe was also present.’
    • ‘I haven't seen him since I was 12, but I remember he used to deejay in basements.’


1940s (originally US): representing the pronunciation of DJ.