Meaning of deep-bodied in English:



  • (of an animal, especially a fish) having a body which is deeper (from back to belly) than it is wide.

    ‘Oncorhynchus kisutch are deep-bodied salmon with unique color characteristics.’
    • ‘The blacksmith is a perch shaped fish, elongate, but deep-bodied and compressed.’
    • ‘Opaleye have an oval, deep, and compressed body that gives the impression of a deep-bodied perch with a rounded nose.’
    • ‘These fishes are laterally compressed (very thin when viewed from the front) but deep-bodied, appearing almost circular from the side. Strongly sheathed dorsal, pelvic, and anal fin spines accentuate the disk-like body shape.’
    • ‘First move was to dip into the livewell and round up a pair of hand-size, thin, deep-bodied silvery fish - Atlantic bumper.’
    • ‘Study of this new species, along with re-examination of S. popularis, indicates that Shonisaurus was not as deep-bodied as previously reconstructed.’
    • ‘Largest of all the jacks is the mighty almaco, a deep-bodied amberjack with a dark olive-coloured diagonal stripe that stretches from mouth across the eye to around the dorsal fin.’
    • ‘The USFWS will also map out critical-habitat areas for the Gila chub, a small-finned, deep-bodied member of the minnow family found in New Mexico and Arizona, and for four freshwater snails in New Mexico.’
    • ‘Given the extremely deep-bodied construction of the borzoi, one is not surprised at the incidence of bloat (also known as gastric torsion) in this breed.’