Meaning of deep-cycle in English:



North American
  • Denoting a type of electric battery that can be totally discharged and recharged several times.

    ‘For the Banks-Minucci off-grid application, eight deep-cycle batteries store electricity for nighttime and cloudy-day use.’
    • ‘For electricity he used a deep-cycle lead-acid battery which he charged by a variety of means.’
    • ‘The battery bank consists of five D8, 200-amp, 12-volt deep-cycle batteries.’
    • ‘O'Connell spent just over $2,300 repowering South Shore with a 36-volt DC motor powered by six deep-cycle batteries, producing approximately 4 hp.’
    • ‘Battery banks for small systems are usually built around 6-volt, deep-cycle, lead-acid batteries.’
    • ‘The main function of the three deep-cycle lead acid batteries is to assist the starter generator to instantly restart the engine.’
    • ‘Unlike automobiles, tractors depend on weight for traction, thus heavy, deep-cycle, lead-acid batteries that are inexpensive, recyclable and long-lived can be used to great advantage in an electric tractor.’
    • ‘Two deep-cycle batteries connected in parallel were used to supply power to the data logger and a total of eight gauges.’