Meaning of deep-discount in English:



  • 1Denoting financial securities carrying a low rate of interest relative to prevailing market rates and issued at a discount to their redemption value, so mainly providing capital gain rather than income.

    • ‘the cost to the borrower of issuing a deep-discount bond comprises the discount on issue as well as any interest payments’
    1. 1.1North American Heavily discounted; greatly reduced in price.
      ‘deep-discount pricing has kept air fares affordable’
      • ‘Participating stores are required to stock the company's deep-discount cigarettes and price those packs below or on par with rivals.’
      • ‘One of the twin giants could allow the other more shelf space and pay retailers more to stock their brands at the expense of smaller players like manufacturers of deep-discount brands.’
      • ‘The positioning pulls Pall Mall away from deep-discount smokes and may attract price-sensitive consumers yearning for the taste of a full-priced brand.’
      • ‘Retailers have found that some deep-discount brands offer attractive margins compared with the big boys.’
      • ‘Still the leader in deep-discount travel, Priceline has cut costs and is set to make consistent profits.’
      • ‘The company this month increased the bonuses paid to retailers participating in its Everyday Low Pricing program for every product sold except on deep-discount brands, which got price cuts.’
      • ‘The share of deep-discount manufacturers fell 0.6% to 11.5%.’
      • ‘Still, the machinery that's used at Cobra isn't of the deep-discount variety.’