Meaning of deep-mined in English:



  • (of coal) obtained from far below the surface of the ground, not from opencast mines.

    ‘He ‘listened very carefully to our comments on the coal industry and took on board what we were saying about the need for deep-mined coal from the UK to remain a significant part of electricity generation mix’.’
    • ‘Production of deep-mined coal fell from 204 million tons in 1942 to 175 millions in 1945, though manpower, 766,000 in 1939, had been stabilized at 710,000.’
    • ‘For centuries, the wealth of Britain was built on deep-mined coal.’
    • ‘In the long term, I don't really see a future for deep-mined UK coal.’
    • ‘By the end of January 2005, there were no deep-mined collieries left in Scotland; only one left in South Wales, which is an employee buyout; and seven deep-mined collieries left in England.’
    • ‘In antiquity tin from Cornwall's streams, increasingly deep-mined by the later 16th cent., was the region's life-blood.’