Significado de deep sea en en Inglés

deep sea


usually as modifier
  • The deeper parts of the ocean, especially those beyond the edge of the continental shelf.

    ‘deep-sea diving’
    • ‘On the coast, popular water sports include sailing, skin diving, and deep-sea fishing.’
    • ‘Exciting untapped resources are the deep-sea vents occurring along ocean ridges, such as the East Pacific Rise and the Galapagos Rift.’
    • ‘The deep-sea species inhabit the ocean shelf around 100 miles off the north-west coast of Scotland.’
    • ‘The deepest parts of the oceans, the elongate deep-sea trenches, were located on the oceanward side of these arcs.’
    • ‘No one expected to find gypsum in a deep-sea deposit, much less in association with gravel-sized grains.’
    • ‘Emiliani was convinced that the way to calculate the number of ice ages in the recent past was to look at deep-sea sediments.’
    • ‘Genetic, community, and landscape aspects of deep-sea biodiversity will be discussed.’
    • ‘Men, especially young men, are expected to undertake physically strenuous or dangerous tasks such as deep-sea fishing.’
    • ‘Danang boasts coral reefs for scuba diving and deep-sea fishing, as do the more southern beach resorts of Nha Trang.’
    • ‘The Island of Fuerteventura is famous for windsurfing and James can try his hand at deep-sea fishing, or both can enjoy scuba diving.’
    • ‘With the start of the Pacific war, however, virtually all deep-sea fishing and whaling came abruptly to an end.’
    • ‘During an open afternoon, the company chartered a boat for employees to go deep-sea fishing.’
    • ‘The boat, outfitted for deep-sea fishing featured a chair and harness with a socket to hold the pole.’
    • ‘Exhibits will range from displays of model boats to stands where visitors can learn more about sports such as deep-sea diving to sailing.’
    • ‘Divers have attempted deep-sea diving to recover the panels, but none have yet been found.’
    • ‘We have an enormous coastline and vast ocean resources out to the 200-mile limit for deep-sea farming.’
    • ‘Eathan breathed in the deep-sea air that misted across the ocean and grinned.’
    • ‘Few of us will ever have a chance to visit a deep-sea ridge to witness a volcanic eruption as new oceanic crust is being formed.’
    • ‘And when deep-sea boats have been able to get out, the fishing outside has been reasonable.’
    • ‘Also on the rock are a deep-sea crab and several types of sea anemones.’