Meaning of deepen in English:


Pronunciation /ˈdiːp(ə)n/

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  • Make or become deep or deeper.

    no object ‘the crisis deepened’
    • ‘It seems that Britain's upmarket retailers suffered most and will suffer further if the crisis deepens.’
    • ‘Local primary schools have issued an urgent cry for help as the schools crisis in the town deepens.’
    • ‘Beyond the plush-velvet-curtained windows, the darkness and the fog deepen, and a weeping drizzle of rain begins to fall.’
    • ‘But the problems are only getting worse and the need for system change is increasing as the crisis deepens.’
    • ‘As the crisis in the industry deepens, competition between airlines is becoming more cutthroat.’
    • ‘Indeed, as the ecological crisis deepens, this will surely become an ever more important issue.’
    • ‘But as the marine conservation crisis in the oceans deepens we're running out of time.’
    • ‘The reality of Federation and the world's deepening crisis together sharpened nationalism after 1901.’
    • ‘The outright banning of newspapers now is an indication that the government's crisis is deepening further.’
    • ‘I really don't know what we are going to do if the crisis keeps deepening.’
    • ‘The enormous cost of war will aggravate the already deepening economic crisis.’
    • ‘In 1967 sterling was devalued against the dollar, but the monetary crisis deepened.’
    • ‘Violent strikes became common in the Po Valley from 1882 as the agricultural crisis deepened.’
    • ‘Instead, the crisis rapidly deepened amidst ever greater distrust and recrimination.’
    • ‘But if the underlying economic realities go unaddressed, then the risk of crisis will deepen.’
    • ‘His crisis of faith deepens and he even forbids prayer at the dinner table.’
    • ‘Philip's gloom deepens when he finds a letter from Mr Plumb to his mother.’
    • ‘As the crisis deepened, some government projects were scaled back or cancelled.’
    • ‘Whatever decision the parliament takes, the political crisis is set to deepen.’
    • ‘Joe, meanwhile, struggles to belong, and his mood swings, from docile to dangerous, increasing in intensity as his insecurity deepens.’
    grow, increase, intensify, strengthen, escalate, mushroom, snowball
    dig out, make deeper, dig deeper, scoop out, scrape out, hollow out, excavate
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