Meaning of deer hair in English:

deer hair


mass noun
  • Hair from a deer, particularly as used in making artificial fishing flies.

    ‘Nest materials used by our Great Tit population included moss, small roots, pine needles, deer hair, sheep wool, and rarely a feather.’
    • ‘Later, he offers gifts: for you, an ornate handle from one of his whips; for me, a leather pillow stuffed with deer hair.’
    • ‘He would then cast his deer hair pellet to the fish.’
    • ‘Equally, dry fly is required when the trout are active on the surface and elk or deer hair sedges are popular as are dry March Browns or Greenwells.’
    • ‘The collars are impregnated with amitraz, a pesticide approved for livestock that also kills ticks on deer hair and skin.’
    • ‘Tinklers can be further decorated with dyed horse or deer hair extending from the bottom.’
    • ‘I used a fly outfit with a deer hair bass bug and started off casting around the trees where I hoped the fish would be lying in ambush.’
    • ‘Yet they fitted Gyric well, and he never complained of them, tho’ he felt the deer hair still upon them each morning as he fitted them on his feet.’