Meaning of deer lick in English:

deer lick


North American
  • A place where deer come to lick salt.

    ‘Going back some distance he ran forward and sprang into the deer lick, sinking almost to his waist in the mud.’
    • ‘The feng shui remedy was to hang bird feeders, plant butterfly attracting flowers, set up squirrel food dispenses and deer licks outside her bedroom windows.’
    • ‘They tried to make salt from deer licks but in all cases the project failed.’
    • ‘These streams were later called Two Lick and Yellow Creek.The word Two Lick meaning two deer licks of this stream where the deer came for salt.’
    • ‘The deer licks became so successful that we decided to produce a lick for hogs and boars and have had great results.’
    • ‘Now, the witnesses pronounce, positively, that this is a buffalo lick, and that the others are deer licks.’
    • ‘Ask your hunting guide what type of strategy he'll be using; ie… hunting from portable hunting stands, hunting blinds, over deer food plots, by deer licks, covering field edges and more.’
    • ‘Along the river, on the farm of Allen Wiseley, in Section 23, are several deer licks, which were a great resort for both Indian and white hunters throughout the pioneer days.’
    • ‘As the buffaloes disappeared, like the Indians, with the advancement of civilization, the deer were plentiful, and men would watch the deer licks, hiding behind blinds and killing the deer.’
    • ‘Greasy Creek when Kentucky was still part of Virginia, was called Licking Creek by early hunters because of the deer licks there.’
    • ‘I have tried other deer licks in the past with little or no results.’