Meaning of defat in English:


Pronunciation /diːˈfat/

verbverb defats, verb defatting, verb defatted

[with object]
  • Remove fat from (food)

    ‘the next step is to defat the stock’
    • ‘Tamari is a soy sauce made without any wheat, from whole or defatted soya beans only, and is darker in colour than the standard kind.’
    • ‘Soy meal is used for animal feed; about 90 percent of the 2 billion bushels of soybeans grown each year in this country are defatted and turned into feed.’
    • ‘This tasted a bit more meaty than the plain stock, but again what I most noticed was the mouthfeel: rich and smooth on the tongue, almost as if it wasn't defatted (but in a good way).’
    • ‘In a typical preparation, 250 g of soybean seeds were homogenized and defatted.’
    • ‘The meat had been deboned, defatted, and served in a pool of black-truffle sauce.’
    • ‘Shred the pork and defat the liquid with a spoon or gravy separator.’
    • ‘If you use defatted stock, skim milk and fat-free sour cream or yogurt, you've got a low-to-no-fat meal that's as satisfying as it is good for you.’
    • ‘In fact, defatted Soy flour is of great importance in diabetic diets because its starchy contents and saccharides are low and therefore well suited to diabetic patients.’
    • ‘Fenugreek has also been used to treated hyperlipidemia, both as seed powder in capsule form (2.5 g twice daily for three months) and as defatted powdered seeds (100 g divided in two equal doses).’
    • ‘The process of making soy-protein isolate begins with defatted soybean meal, which is mixed with a caustic alkaline solution to remove the fiber, then washed in an acid solution to precipitate out the protein.’
    • ‘The active principle is in the defatted portion of the seed, which contains the alkaloid trigonelline, nicotinic acid, and coumarin.’
    • ‘In the first study, subjects ate meals with or without 100 g of defatted fenugreek seed powder, divided into two equal doses, for 10 days.’
    • ‘And in low-fat ice cream, a low-fat or defatted cocoa powder may be chosen.’
    • ‘It is produced using defatted soy flakes followed by a water or alcohol extraction process that removes soluble carbohydrates.’
    • ‘All it took was finding the right ratio of defatted soy flour to whole- and white-wheat flour.’
    • ‘Use a defatting cup to keep broths and sauces trim.’