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Pronunciation /dɪˈfɔːltə/

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  • 1A person who fails to fulfil a duty, obligation, or undertaking.

    ‘In a population of 4 million people, 500,000 individual defaulters are failing to meet their obligations in respect of activity determined to be criminal by the court.’
    • ‘A year ago Mr O'Mahony formed The Reaction Group, an association that, for a fee of €250, helps and advises defaulters who find themselves in trouble with the Revenue.’
    • ‘This aspect has to be closely monitored by regulating agencies, and defaulters must be threatened with closure of business, failing compliance.’
    • ‘Ironically, it has resulted in a hike in the overdue rate and the number of credit defaulters as many households with heavy debts failed to pay the increased interest.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, they fail to collect what is owed by defaulters, adding to the burden on those who do pay.’
    • ‘The only organizational measure of the institution attended by defaulters was whether the defaulter graduated.’
    • ‘More over, government should take effective steps for realisation of huge loan amounts from defaulters / borrowers of the State Financial Corporation and Jammu and Kashmir Bank Limited.’
    • ‘Farmers accounted for more than a quarter of the 1,231 tax defaulters, who made settlement but company directors paid the highest average sum, which amounts to €200,000 each.’
    • ‘The number of credit defaulters has reached 4 million and business activities have yet to regain vitality, but the government is maintaining an optimistic view for an early recovery.’
    • ‘However, the figures show that just 2.19 tax defaulters for every 10,000 people in Dublin have been named and shamed by the Revenue since October 2001.’
    • ‘‘There will be defaulters, we know that,’ Niall Mellon said.’
    • ‘Earlier, the government had positively encouraged citizens to use cards but then strengthened restrictions because of the sharp increase in the number of credit defaulters.’
    • ‘In 2004 the units - based in Revenue regions across the country - detected and registered 869 defaulters with tax liability.’
    • ‘The Revenue Commissioners confirmed that 201 tax defaulters made settlements of over 12,700 in their last report published in December.’
    • ‘All 13 of Waterford's tax defaulters were penalised for non-payment of income tax and for being the holders of bogus non-resident bank accounts.’
    • ‘All defaulters have been warned by the City Council that if they do not pay their charges by November 17 when a sticker system is introduced, their refuse will not be collected.’
    • ‘The Revenue Commissioners latest crackdown on tax defaulters yielded over 100m in unpaid tax, interest and penalties in the first three months of the year.’
    • ‘This would put a cap on the financial penalties for non-payment of tax due and allow them to avoid prosecution and having their names published on the quarterly list of tax defaulters.’
    • ‘Kerry has the second highest number of defaulters with 15 paying a total of €1.38m, an average of €92,000.’
    • ‘It is an exercise in futility to imagine that once water pipes of defaulters are physically removed, the company would contain any illegal connections on their water system.’
    non-payer, debt dodger
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    1. 1.1A person who fails to complete a course of medical treatment.
      ‘They suggest that their evidence based refutations of erroneous beliefs commonly expressed by immunisation defaulters are useful in dispelling their concerns.’
      • ‘The drug defaulter, just like the placebo reactor is not a consistent or readily identified person.’
      • ‘Any defaulter as per the above criteria was excluded from the study if she had become pregnant during the particular quarter.’
      • ‘An alcoholic and a chronic defaulter, he is still under treatment because he's been dragged back every time he tries to default.’
    2. 1.2mainly British A member of the armed forces guilty of a military offence.