Meaning of defeater in English:


Pronunciation /dɪˈfiːtə/


  • A person or thing that defeats or conquers someone or something.

    ‘the onset of hopelessness is the great defeater’
    • ‘This is a potential defeater for my being rational in accepting theistic belief.’
    • ‘Even if I defeated myself, I would still exist as the defeater.’
    • ‘Nimue is specifically named as a Lady of the Lake; she is the defeater, or perhaps simply replacer, of Merlin at Arthur's Court.’
    • ‘I present various epistemic situations and claim of each that a person in such a situation does not have an undefeated defeater for each of his beliefs.’
    • ‘This fact is a defeater of evolution.’
    • ‘He is not going to be the defeater in that district no matter what happens.’
    • ‘Evidence is ordinarily regarded as conclusive, not when it eliminates every conceivable defeater, but when it eliminates all relevant defeaters.’
    • ‘Ronald Reagan is now being proposed as a replacement on the US dime or 10 cent piece for Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the defeater of the Axis.’
    • ‘The most prominent of these was Sultan Saladin, the 12th-century defeater of the Crusaders and liberator of Jerusalem.’
    • ‘European colonialists started eyeing the airplane as a potential defeater of colonial peoples and enforcer of colonial authority.’