Meaning of defenceman in English:


Pronunciation /dɪˈfɛnsmən/


  • (in ice hockey and lacrosse) a player in a defensive position.

    ‘Here's a look at the goaltenders, defensemen and forwards who might never be in such a precarious spot again.’
    • ‘They know how many times he has been whacked and hacked by opposing defensemen and goaltenders.’
    • ‘Sure, but the best defensemen and goaltenders would be up against the best of the offense.’
    • ‘His quickness in going to the net often catches defensemen and goaltenders asleep.’
    • ‘He adds that goalies must let their defensemen and forwards come back and get the puck behind the goal line.’
    • ‘Or how about the time he sent a defenseman to take the goalie's place for a penalty shot?’
    • ‘Teams - which will be determined by the organizing committee based on age, position and experience - will consist of 10 players: a goaltender, three defencemen and six forwards.’
    • ‘To a goalie, having rugged defensemen willing to blocks shots is second only to having a good relationship with your posts.’
    • ‘He's never come close to winning a Norris Trophy despite being one of the best defensemen in hockey.’
    • ‘It takes a combination of size and speed to get around the well-schooled Devils defensemen and into position.’
    • ‘Their top goalscorer is a defenceman whose six goals are almost as many as he has scored in his last six seasons.’
    • ‘Christopher also plays ice hockey for Hull, and he is a defenceman in both sports.’
    • ‘I was top scoring defenceman and defenceman of the year a couple of times and then I don't even get a contract offer.’
    • ‘Defence wins hockey games and with the goaltending tandem we've got and the way my defencemen are playing we're going to be difficult to beat.’
    • ‘Three players with proven talent are defensemen Robyn Regehr and Jordan Leopold and goalie Miikka Kiprusoff.’
    • ‘The two forecheckers are called torpedoes, the other forwards are called halfbacks and the lone defenseman is a rover.’
    • ‘The defenseman wasn't known as a goal scorer, but he sure was on that day.’
    • ‘He immediately helped Mike Keenan's young defensemen with their positioning and hitting ability.’
    • ‘Those who have seen hockey defensemen skate backward at full speed will understand the reference.’
    • ‘He sometimes carried defensemen with him as he zoomed in on goalies.’