Meaning of deferred annuity in English:

deferred annuity


  • An annuity which commences only after a lapse of some specified time after the final purchase premium has been paid.

    ‘Generally speaking, there are two primary ways annuities are constructed and used by investors: immediate annuities and deferred annuities.’
    • ‘Unlike deferred annuities, which people use to save for retirement, income annuities are for parceling out money already accumulated.’
    • ‘This means that I will receive a pension of 38% of what I am entitled to if I leave it to them to buy a deferred annuity on my behalf.’
    • ‘If there is not enough money to fund everyone's scheme, then you may be required to buy a deferred annuity.’
    • ‘However, it is possible for Robert to put forward proposals to offset this loss by, for example, a deferred annuity or insurance policy.’