Meaning of defining moment in English:

defining moment


  • An event which typifies or determines all subsequent related occurrences.

    ‘this is a defining moment for him—there could be a backlash, but there could be great benefits’
    • ‘Both of those events were defining moments in my life.’
    • ‘As such, it is relevant that, within the context of such a full description, certain defining moments and events (for Mulcaster) are entirely absent.’
    • ‘As I look back on my youth, growing up in Santa Monica, California, I can identify three defining moments in creating my political ideology.’
    • ‘‘Britain and America have had their defining moments of change,’ he said.’
    • ‘It was one of those defining moments when everything changes.’
    • ‘It is a crude and somewhat arbitrary test - in reality the defining moments of governments rarely fall in their early days.’
    • ‘In retrospect it as probably the most defining of many defining moments in this semi final.’
    • ‘One is the folk memory of sport caught in defining moments of mass emotion.’
    • ‘Seconds later came the defining moment of the match when Giggs missed an open goal which would have restored Welsh supremacy.’
    • ‘The experience was a defining moment that spurred the imagination of the business students.’
    • ‘In the defining moment of the match, a ball missed Lara's bat by a hair's breadth.’
    • ‘He agreed that the defining moment of the match came with Thompson's ordering off.’
    • ‘Since biblical times, disasters have been experienced as defining moments.’
    • ‘What happened during this pivotal meeting that was a defining moment of the nuclear age?’
    • ‘This Labour party gathering in Blackpool could be one of the defining moments of history.’
    • ‘Such moments are defining moments, not just for their own importance as events, but for what they reveal.’
    • ‘What are likely to be the defining moments of the rally happened early on Friday morning when Britons Richard Burns and Colin McRae both ran off the road and lost substantial time.’
    • ‘Like any player, sooner or later they will commit a blunder and they will be remembered for it because goalkeepers' errors are often the defining moments of matches.’
    • ‘Some believe that birth and death are life defining moments.’
    • ‘They point to their service experiences as defining moments in their journeys of faith.’