Meaning of definitively in English:


Pronunciation /dɪˈfɪnɪtɪvli/

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  • Decisively and with authority; conclusively.

    ‘the benefits of this therapy have never been definitively proven’
    • ‘only a large clinical trial can definitively answer the question’
    • ‘Current fast-breaking technological advances may bring them together to definitively solve the conundrum.’
    • ‘No article or book can definitively assess the environmental stewardship of all industries.’
    • ‘This is especially true for Italian literature, as Dionisotti has definitively argued.’
    • ‘Since little is definitively resolved in Hamilton's works, the novel could reflect the indeterminacy of meaning in modern novels.’
    • ‘It is highly plausible, if not definitively established, that he knew the painter in person.’
    • ‘When the terms involved are so vague, such arguments are easy to make and hard to definitively disprove.’
    • ‘He said he found it unnecessary to deal definitively with the point on that occasion.’
    • ‘Elsewhere, though, the new accessible direction works definitively in the band's favor.’
    • ‘The issue has been further complicated by a raft of severe financial problems, which have yet to be resolved definitively.’
    • ‘But the question of which of the two conceptions is ultimately superior is not one that I shall attempt to settle definitively here.’