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Pronunciation /diːˈfəʊlɪənt/

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  • A chemical that removes the leaves from trees and plants, used in warfare.

    ‘Much of the countryside was laid waste through carpet-bombing, napalm and widespread use of chemical defoliants, and even a quarter century after the end of the war, the economic and ecological impact remain enormous.’
    • ‘He later contracted and perished from cancer, which he and his father believed was caused by exposure to chemical defoliants used extensively in the war.’
    • ‘By 1985 one-third of the country was considered wasteland, thanks to the use of chemical defoliants.’
    • ‘We have to determine its effects on cotton quality, costs, and labor requirements, but we think it will be competitive with airplane spraying of a chemical defoliant.’
    • ‘Decades after the wartime defoliant Agent Orange was sprayed over the country, dioxin continues to contaminate people through the food chain in present-day Vietnam, according to a study released yesterday.’
    • ‘The use of defoliants such as Agent Orange and various herbicides scarred the landscape and caused untold human costs.’
    • ‘Agent Orange was used as a defoliant and herbicide during the war.’
    • ‘Dioxin was the primary toxic component of Agent Orange, a defoliant used during the Vietnam war.’
    • ‘Dioxin was the contaminant in the herbicide Agent Orange, used as a defoliant in the Vietnam war and thought to have caused numerous health problems in veterans of that war.’
    • ‘Many ecologists blamed the usual suspects for the bird losses: DDT, defoliants, avian malaria, suburban blight.’
    • ‘Doctors say he is a victim of the defoliant, Agent Orange.’
    • ‘Agent Orange was used as a defoliant during the Vietnam War and included, as contaminants, dioxin and related compounds.’
    • ‘Mechanization of cotton cultivation has cut employment dramatically, and the use of defoliants and pesticides has caused health problems.’
    • ‘Likely as a result of exposure to heavy doses of Agent Orange defoliant in Vietnam, he contracted a virulent form of leukemia that would pull him down in his early 60s.’
    • ‘In addition, the cotton crop is routinely sprayed with a defoliant each fall to get rid of the leaves to make harvesting easier.’
    • ‘For example, defoliants which were sprayed during the Vietnam War killed most of the mangrove forests in the Mekong Delta.’
    • ‘Since then, numerous federal and state attempts to control melaleuca have met with little success, efforts that range from spraying with defoliants to clearing with bulldozers and burning.’
    • ‘Much of the remaining foliage is stunted, dulled by defoliants.’
    • ‘A study, released in August last year by scientists from the US, Germany and Vietnam, found that the defoliant was still contaminating people through their food.’
    • ‘The defoliant was sprayed to destroy jungle cover for Vietnamese supply lines and wipe out crops intended to feed Vietnamese soldiers.’