Meaning of defy description in English:

defy description


  • Be so unusual or remarkable as to be impossible to describe.

    ‘the sheer scale of the Requiem defies description’
    • ‘The prospects sound fabulous but seem to defy description.’
    • ‘The manner and magnitude of the attack defy description.’
    • ‘The bishop's statement continued as follows: ‘The extent and scale of the horror defies description.’’
    • ‘It's all true, his work almost defies description, scene after vivid scene pulls you headlong through the pages and then suddenly, it's all over, and I really didn't want it to end.’
    • ‘That building is so ugly that it defies description.’
    • ‘It's a psychological bond and a real establishment of a cultural commitment and connection that defies description.’
    • ‘The courage shown by passengers in that flight defies description.’
    • ‘The poverty and simplicity of these tribals defies description.’
    • ‘The sheer wickedness of what you have done defies description.’
    • ‘However, in this piece, she played a brash American, with an accent which defies description.’