Meaning of degas in English:


Pronunciation /diːˈɡas/

verbverb degases, verb degassing, verb degassed

  • Make or become free of unwanted or excess gas.

    no object ‘the summit craters were degassing freely’
    • ‘First, we assume that the magma degassing process is open, meaning that gas and bubbles are lost from the magma during degassing.’
    • ‘Depending on the initial volatile content of the ‘primary’ or ‘deep’ magma, volatile saturation is reached at a certain point, and the magma begins to degas.’
    • ‘Faults provide additional pathways, such as dykes, for magma transport and also may help to degas the magma during its ascent.’
    • ‘If this happens slowly, the gas bubbles will slowly migrate through the magma and degas.’
    • ‘Excess solution was removed and fresh degassed buffer solution was added to the sample and allowed to incubate for 30-60 min before imaging.’
    • ‘Mud volcanoes are an important global mechanism for degassing deeply buried sediments and it has been estimated that several thousand occur globally.’
    • ‘Both lipid and protein solutions were degassed under vacuum immediately before use.’
    • ‘Solutions were degassed under vacuum before use.’
    • ‘All solutions were degassed by evacuation to reduce the noise.’
    • ‘Solvents were filtered and degassed by sonification and vacuum before use.’