Meaning of degranulation in English:




See degranulate

‘Mast cell degranulation releases vasoactive substances, including histamine, which sustain the reaction by depositing additional immune complexes.’
  • ‘The ‘itch-scratch’ cycle induces mast cell degranulation and cytokines that may respond to antihistamines.’
  • ‘The data from guinea pigs were confirmed in the human system; IL - 8-activated neutrophils stimulated degranulation, and this was inhibited by elastase inhibitors.’
  • ‘These cells, along with similar tissue-based cells, have receptors for IgE and participate in the degranulation of white blood cells that occurs during allergic reactions.’
  • ‘Ingestion of certain foods, including strawberries, tomatoes, shrimp, lobster, cheese, spinach, and eggplant, also can trigger hives through direct mast cell degranulation.’