Meaning of degree day in English:

degree day


  • 1A day on which academic degrees are formally awarded.

    ‘It was built to be used for large gatherings including degree day, drama and musical productions and examinations.’
    • ‘Your degree day pack will also contain a booklet which will give you more information about the ceremony.’
    • ‘Information about Degree Day for Graduands and Guests.’
    • ‘This year, while visiting Oxford in October, he was at last able to participate in what the university calls a ‘degree day ceremony’.’
  • 2A unit used to determine the heating requirements of buildings, representing a fall of one degree below a specified average outdoor temperature (usually 18°C or 65°F) for one day.

    • ‘Weather contracts on U.S. cities for the winter months are tied to an index of heating degree day values.’