Meaning of dehisce in English:


Pronunciation /dɪˈhɪs/

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[no object] technical
  • (of a pod or seed vessel, or a cut or wound) gape or burst open.

    ‘after the anther lobes dehisce, the pollen is set free’
    • ‘Upon maturation in October through November, the outer husk dehisces, exposing white arillate seeds.’
    • ‘When the fruits were ready to dehisce, the seeds were counted, weighed and planted to test for germinability as described in the previous experiment.’
    • ‘A capsule was considered mature when it dehisced or reached full size.’
    • ‘They indicate a draining and possibly dehisced wound, and they can be irritating to the skin.’
    • ‘An acute wound that does not proceed to heal in an orderly manner, such as a dehisced incision, may become a chronic wound.’


Mid 17th century from Latin dehiscere, from de- ‘away’ + hiscere ‘begin to gape’ (from hiare ‘gape’).