Meaning of dehull in English:


Pronunciation /diːˈhʌl/


another term for hull
‘Oats are dehulled, crimped, and kiln dried, and will not germinate.’
  • ‘Although oat oil makes up about 6 percent of most dehulled oats, it is rarely sold commercially.’
  • ‘Seeds were dehulled using a manual dehuller and grains were evaluated as described for seeds.’
  • ‘Tempe is traditionally made from whole, dry soya beans which are washed, soaked until soft, partially dehulled, and boiled for a short time; this eliminates their pungent ‘beany’ flavour.’
  • ‘Saponins are traditionally removed from quinoa by washing the grain before cooking it, although mechanical dehulling by abrasion is also effective.’
  • ‘Some proso goes through a dehulling process and supplies both human and animal needs.’