Meaning of dehumanization in English:


Pronunciation /diːhjuːmənʌɪˈzeɪʃ(ə)n/


(British dehumanisation)
mass noun
  • The process of depriving a person or group of positive human qualities.

    ‘the consequences of systematic dehumanization of one racial group in a society can be horrific’
    • ‘To the very end of his life, Freire continued to condemn forces of exploitation and dehumanization.’
    • ‘Working as a maid drove home to Ehrenreich the marginalization and dehumanization of the American poor.’
    • ‘They tell of death and dehumanization but convey, through a succession of detailed memories, the life that managed to persist.’
    • ‘It is this lack of knowledge and understanding which allows the racial vilification and dehumanisation of fellow human beings to take hold.’
    • ‘The government has failed to eliminate this dehumanisation of childhood.’
    • ‘Such an approach encourages the dehumanization that leads to atrocities in the first place.’
    • ‘Maybe I can fight the dehumanization of all of us, because I think that's the ultimate problem.’
    • ‘We are here to protest the dehumanization that goes hand-in-hand with globalization; to promote the value of the human being.’
    • ‘Fight Club satirizes corporate dehumanization and its emasculation of men.’
    • ‘Slave resistance in such a world would counter dehumanization and could serve to prepare individuals or groups for political action.’