Meaning of dehumidifier in English:


Pronunciation /ˌdiːhjuːˈmɪdɪfʌɪə/


  • A device that removes excess moisture from the air.

    ‘We had to hire dehumidifiers and run those 24 hours a day for three months.’
    • ‘The only problem of note was a pair of malfunctioning dehumidifiers, which temporarily raised temperatures inside the laboratory to the low 80s, 10 degrees higher than desired.’
    • ‘The hardest thing is drying it out - we've got four dehumidifiers going and they're still producing three buckets of water a day each.’
    • ‘We also bought a couple of dehumidifiers for the large rooms, placed small moisture-collecting boxes in the dampest spots, and were amazed at how often they filled up with water!’
    • ‘Dry walls and floors with fans, which turn moisture into vapor, and dehumidifiers, which then pull vapors down a drain.’
    • ‘Local electrical shops yesterday reported a huge demand for dehumidifiers which are used to dry and air damp buildings.’
    • ‘Eight dehumidifiers and eight dryers were used to dry out the house, she said.’
    • ‘Constant readings are taken of temperature and humidity, and dehumidifiers work away to halt the rust.’
    • ‘If it gets too damp you can always put the dehumidifier in to run for twenty-four hours.’
    • ‘A dehumidifier was specially designed for the space.’
    • ‘But pesticide is not always the solution: silverfish only live in humid conditions, so a dehumidifier in your bathroom will probably get rid of them.’
    • ‘She has a dehumidifier in the shop that is releasing eight buckets of water per day.’
    • ‘Fire crews were called to the property after a dehumidifier caught fire in the kitchen.’
    • ‘Unlike cooling-based dehumidifiers, which cool the air to condense moisture, desiccants attract moisture molecules directly from the air and release them into an exhaust air stream.’
    • ‘Air conditioners, dehumidifiers and thorough cleaning practices, especially in your bedroom, can minimize your exposure to these substances and help you breathe easier.’
    • ‘Most wireless closet dehumidifiers can go at least one or two months before having to be discharged, depending on the volume of air, amount of moisture, and other factors.’
    • ‘For example, improperly drained drip pans on air conditioning units, and standing water in humidifiers and dehumidifiers, can grow bacteria or mold.’
    • ‘Humidifiers, dehumidifiers and air conditioning condensing units should be regularly cleaned with a disinfectant such as chlorine bleach.’
    • ‘Energy efficiency is important in dehumidifiers.’
    • ‘So why not go shopping for small dehumidifiers?’